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about bad ventures

We are committed to providing complete customer satisfaction and have earned the trust of our customers by providing top quality service at a competitive price.


Bad Ventures is a full service earthworks contractor. Our mission is to deliver safety enhanced, high quality, innovative and environmentally-focused maintenance and construction services to our clients. 

The story of Bad Ventures began in 1981 with our first logging projects; by the end of the decade our focus had shifted to excavation. Skip ahead to today and we have expanded our services to include: road construction, road maintenance, bridge construction, bridge maintenance, railway construction, railway maintenance, power line maintenance, instream works, helipad work, riprap construction, and more.

Bad Venture’s strengths lie in our ability to provide multiple services to our clients in a professional, transparent, cost effective, and organized system.  Our highly skilled workforce and fleet of construction equipment assure that all projects are built to the highest standard and delivered on time and on budget.

Our staff takes pride in achieving excellence in every project - big or small.  

Safety is

Our Priority

Bad Ventures is Committed to a Safe, Healthy and Secure Workplace.

Bad Ventures has a proven record of quality, professionalism and safe worksites. Our crews are properly trained and our equipment is well maintained and effectively suited to the job at hand to eliminate hazardous conditions, accidents, injuries, occupational diseases and unnecessary or undue risks to personal security.

Before stepping foot on any jobsite, every employee who works for Bad Ventures must complete a comprehensive health and safety program that complies to industry standards and regulations. With an ongoing commitment to education and safety training, we spend the time and resources necessary to make sure our crews are trained and tested and our equipment is in proper working order. 

Any task can be performed safely and efficiently with the right type of training and conditions. We will never put speed or cost over safety, and will always go above and beyond the standard when it comes to ensuring our resources and yours remain safe and protected. 

Safety is
Our Priority


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SAFE Certified 

SAFE is an industry-wide safety initiative designed to assist companies in improving our safety performance. Bad Ventures maintains this certification by passing annual audit submissions. 


COR Safety Certification

Certificate of Recognition (COR) is an occupational health and safety accreditation program that verifies a fully implemented safety & health program which meets national standards. Bad Ventures maintains this certification by passing annual audits, as well as practicing the utmost diligence to ensure that the COR standards are upheld.


Nominated for BC Highways Contractor of the Year

2021 Award for Grading

Bad Ventures is proud to be nominated for Contractor of the Year on our first highway project with the Ministry of Transportation. 


Congratulations to all of the nominees and award winners. Thank you to the Ministry of Transportation and BC Road Builders for all their support on this project.

Our team

At Bad Ventures, Our Primary Asset Is Our People.


At Bad Ventures, we recognize that our primary asset is people. We work with our clients as a team and strive to build long-lasting relationships. Drawing on our existing relationships and our commitment to building new ones, we are a resourceful team dedicated to finding the right people for each project.


Chase Thielen

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President + CEO

Chase takes great pride in his work and makes sure the client comes first. Always. With a background in on-site construction and project management, Chase is well versed in the construction industry. 

Chase is the President and CEO of Bad Ventures, Silverado Industries & KD Electric.


Kristy Donaldson, CPA

Financial Manager

Kristy is a designated Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA). She oversees the accounting department and manages all things related to company’s finances.


Alex Shaw, CTech

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General Manager

Alex has two decades of civil construction experience which spans from earthworks and land development to large infrastructure and highway projects.

Alex is a Certified Technologist with ASTTBC.

Don Cook

Asset 7.png


Operations Manager

Don founded Bad Ventures in 1981. As the former owner, he brings a plethora of knowledge and experience to the team. 

Don has experience operating all Bad Ventures equipment. 

Devin McGregor

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Devin has nearly ten years of experience in the heavy equipment and civil construction industry. He has been the superintendent on several large and high-profile infrastructure projects on Highway #1 between Golden and Revelstoke and on Highway #3.

Devin is an experienced operator on all equipment and has his Class 1 Driver’s License.

Mike Luke

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Field Supervisor

Mike maintains the following certifications: S100 Fire Suppression, First Aid (OFA1) and a Class 1 Driver’s License. He has worked on numerous BC Hydro and road jobs. 

Mike is certified to operate an assortment of equipment.

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